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You are working at the Eastern University Health and Wellbeing Centre. It has been a busy day with back to back appointments. The centre has strict guidelines of 10min appointment times, to make the services equitable for everyone and to help ensure appointments run to schedule.

Today is your sister's birthday and you have agreed to collect the cake on the way home. You last appointment is at 4:50pm, leaving you enough time to drive to the cake shop before it closes at 5:30pm.

Appointments have been keeping to time today whch you are relieved about, as you are slightly worried about the cake.

At 4:50pm, your last appointment arrives. Anahera is a 19 year old hospitality student who you have seen occasionally during the year. 

You listen to her describe her issue and together you work out a treatment plan. Anahera seems more reserved than you remember but you don't dwell on it too much.

With a plan in place you stand to indicate the end of the appointment. You wish her well and remind her to get in touch if she has any further issues. Glancing at your watch you note that it is right on 5:00pm.

Just as Anahera is about to walk out the door she stops and says quietly, 'Actually, there is one more thing'.

What do you do?

Ask her to schedule a new appointment - you think they have some later in the week? Invite her back in to consult with further? What about the cake and your sister's birthday?

(Adapted from HEAL708 student-generated ethical issue and a former case by Vanessa Peutherer)

Image source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Smart_watch.jpg 

It is proposed that you should ask Anahera to schedule a further appointment

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