26 May 2021
By Madmike
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Lockdown statistics and epidemiology lies

Lockdown statistics and epidemiology lies

'A tale of two authorities' epidemiology or propaganda?

Source and copyright Deaths | Coronavirus in the UK (data.gov.uk) nations


Source and copyright Graphs and maps — EUROMOMO scroll down for countries


Above are graphical representations of the course of the pandemic from two different sources, they are qualitative rather than strictly quantitive but I will make a layperson's assessment of them. Click links for original sources:

Graph 1 is taken from Gov.UK and is the official record of deaths 'with coronovirus' in England between Mar 2020 and May 2021

Graph 2 is taken from Euromomo the period is wk 17 of 2018 to wk 17 of 2021

(The overall objective of the original European Mortality Monitoring Project was to design a routine public health
mortality monitoring system aimed at detecting and measuring, on a real-time basis, excess number of deaths related to
influenza and other possible public health threats across participating European Countries.)

While not strictly comparable, the UK one is of recorded deaths, while the EuroMoMo is a statistical score of excess
deaths recorded as Z scores

(Z-scores are used to standardize series and enable comparison mortality pattern between different populations or between different time periods. The standard deviation is the unit of measurement of the Z-score. It allows comparison of observations from different normal distributions)


I am a visual kind of observer and the two graphs appear to tell different versions of the last 14 months.
In the official Gov.UK headline stats represented by the above graph the 2nd wave figures look twice as scary and have
3x the total number over a longer period than the 1st wave.

In the EuroMoMo graph the Z score for the 2nd wave is half of the rate of the 1st wave for a comparable period.
How does this descrepency arise, have the government added the normal deaths and excess deaths together by
including all cause deaths by the simple expediency of a positive test without symptoms.

There are claims that people getting killed in RTC's with a positive test are there. Did nobody die of the Flu, cancer, Heart attacks this winter?

Did the government exaggerate to induce fear to drive its agenda?
Did the government lie to induce fear to drive its agenda, and enforce an unnecessary lockdown?


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